Top ten experiences on a Africa Overland Tour

Top ten experiences on a Africa Overland Tour

During my time travelling across the African continent, covering over 10,000 miles in 8 countries encountering many different experiences. It was a hard choice which ones should be added to the list.  After much debating, I finally get to share my top 10 adventures from the trip.

10. Exploring the Sand Dunes of Namibia’s Deserts

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to hike up dune 45, but we did get to hike up a dune within the Sossusviei National Park.  Sand dunes are a cruel mistress because when you think you’re about to hit the top, the dune reveals that you haven’t and this circle kept going 5/6 times, and then you reach the top, and it feels like you achieve something remarkable. 

9.Climbing Table Mountain

This was the hardest hike of the trip, 2 hours of steps it was also one of saddest as it marked the end of my 2-month journey. The views from the top are spectacular, with plenty of paths and scenery to admire. Make sure you check the weather forecast all you may be disappointed.

8.Watching a watering hole at Sunset with cocktails and friends

Been camping for way over a month, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of one of the most expensive hotels in the Victoria Falls area.  My fellow travelers and I decided to take the free bus service to the Safari Lodge, where we drank a cocktail all two while watching a giraffe and a heard of buffalo’s sipping water. It was a very magical evening.

7. White Water Rafting the Nile

My first ever rafting experience and I choose the Zambesi river a category Five rapids. Its known for being the best place to raft in the world and you will end up falling in at some point.

6.On-Board Truck parties

During your time travelling down south, you and your travelling buddies will end up having a truck party.  It made the long drive days more exciting and a lot more fun. We would arrive into the campsite complete drunk, and sometimes my fellow travellers found it hard to pitch a tent when totally smashed.

5.Masai Mara Safari

The Masai Mara feels like Jurassic World from Nairobi you first have to travel to nowhere. Once you’re nowhere, you go through the gates and all of a sudden you enter this magical place full of, cheetahs, lions, giraffe, antelope, Zebra, and elephants. It’s the closest thing to Jurassic World we have. Unfortunately, the Chinese are about to ruin it with a new road.

4.Chobe River Sunset Cruise

This is a unique and surreal experience, no other place in the world can offer a safari by boat, with such a high density of animals. We witness over 100 elephants, ten giraffes, five crocodiles, numerous bird species and even a Rhino. You never experience a more peaceful boat ride in your life again.

3.Zanzibar Evening Booze Cruise

One of the highlights of our trip was the Booze cruise at sunset. For 20 dollars per person, we had a private boat, African band and most importantly unlimited alcohol.  The party soon kick off, and everyone was jumping off the side into the Indian ocean.  It was the best sunset from a boat I’ve experienced, and the party went on with the boat 90 minutes late.

2.Victoria Falls

After five weeks of camping, are overnight train finally arrived into Victoria falls, we could finally see the smoke of thunder, and after catching up on sleep, I ran down to the national park to finally get a glimpse of the mile-wide wonder, and I wasn’t disappointed. The spray noise and the sheer sight of all that water dropping over 100 meters will be a memory that will last forever.


The Serengeti is a must-see excursion, and the tour operators know it, they overcharge with my three days trip costing $525. We even had to bring our own tents. Still these nowhere on this world like it, the vast grass plains stretching over 12,000 square miles treated us to numerous elephants, lions, giraffe, wildebeest, antelope, and three leopards. This is the best part of a 2-month trip through Africa.

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