The Top 10 Longest Overland Tours

The Top 10 Longest Overland Tours

Have you ever wondered what the longest possible overland tour is? Covering the most miles you could take? Well, look no further, these some truly biblical journeys on offer, provided by some of the world-leading overland operators. They make my 2 month Africa expedition look like a weekend away.

10. Trek America's Great 48 75 days

Photo Courtesy hey tiffany, Flickr

  • Departure Date = 19th April 2020 + 03 June 2020 
  • Countries Visited = 1 
  • Km’s Covered (estimate using Google Maps) = 11,858 
  • Price = £7769 
  • Price Per Day, with Local Payment = £103.58 
  • Group Size = Max 13 

Kicking off our list is the most extended overland tour of any one country. Trek America’s longest expedition Visits 48 states out of USA’s 50 that’s a lot of opportunities to have burgers and pancakes. It’s not all about the food, the tour covers the country top to toe, from the beaches of Florida and Miami to New York’s high-rises to the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. And these not forget the fantastic National Parks, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Moab and many many more.

9.India and Nepal Encompassed

Photo Courtesy of Nomad Tales, Flickr

Photo Courtesy of Nigel Quest, Dennis Jarvis, Flickr

  • Departure Date = 6th June 2020
  • Countries Visited = 2
  • Km’s Covered = 8,008
  • Price per day, with Local Payment = £79.53 
  • Group Size = Max 22 

The ultimate in-depth tour of Nepal and India makes an entire circle of the subcontinent. Promising an authentic detailed look at not only the famous sites but also the people and the culture.  Starting from Kathmandu you be staying mostly in hotels and cover over 39 destinations throughout India and Nepal from the Himalayas to desserts to temples and beaches.

8. Exploratory – Bishkek to Istanbul Via Kathmandu Ultimate Asia, 119 days, Oasis Overland

Photo Courtesy of lensmatter. Flickr

Photo Courtesy Pedro Szekely, & Ali Reza Flickr

  • Departure Date = 6th June 2020 
  • Countries visited = 9 
  • Miles Covered = ? 
  • Price = £6950.00 + $3,150,00 = £9465
  • Price Per Day, with Local Payment = £79.53 
  • Group Size = Max 24 

This unique route that starts in Kyrgyzstan, before travelling through western china into Tibet and then winding through the Himalayas into Nepal and India. Then you get to head east through Pakistan, Iran and then finishing in turkey and the gateway to Europe Istanbul. Highlights include Mount Everest Base Camp, Tigers, Taj Mahal, Cappadocia and Ancient Persia.

7. The Silk Road & Himalayan Explorer, 119 days, Dragoman

Photo, Courtesy, Mondo79, Flickr

Photo Courtesy, David Stanley, & jonprc Flickr

  • Departure Date = 28th April 2020
  • Countries Visited = 11
  • Miles Covered = 8792
  • Price = £9240, + Local Payment $4000 = 12,440
  • Price per Day, with local payment = £104.00 
  • Group Size = Max 22

Unlike all the other overland adventures, Dragoman uses a selection of hostels and hotels, which is why it’s the most expensive on the list. Travelling from Istanbul, you get an in-depth look at the silk road all the way through to Xian passing Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan before heading into China. It doesn’t end there, afterwards, you head through Tibet before finishing with magnificent Himalaya peaks with views of Mount Everest.

6. Exploratory London to Istanbul via Kathmandu 182 days, Oasis Overland

Photo Courtesy espada842, flickr

Photo Courtesy, Esmar Abdul Hamid & David Stanley, Flickr

  • Departure Date = 04 April 2020
  • Countries visited = 19 
  • Miles Covered = ? 
  • Price = £8349.00 + local payment $3500 = £11,144
  • Price Per Day, with Local Payment = £61.23
  • Group Size = Max 24 

This imaginative Itinerary covers the best of Central Asia, but also a train journey starting from London, visiting Berlin, Kiev, Moscow and St Petersburg. The Overlanding stage starts in Novgorod, where the tour will carry on through Georgia, the Stans, China, Tibet and Nepal. This is where the journey begins heading back to Europe, but first a trip to Taj Mahal then onwards to Pakistan Iran, and Turkey. This is a genuinely crazy adventure that will never end, that will keep the inner travelling nerd happy for months. 

5. London to Sydney, 183 days, Madventure

  • Departure Date = 22nd March 2020
  • Countries Visited = 27
  • Miles Covered = ?
  • Price = £4995 + Local Payment $3000 = total = £7390
  • Price Per Day, with local payment = £40.38 
  • Group Size 20-40 

Qantas wants to become the first airline to offer nonstop flights to Sydney, but why not take an extra 182 days and have some fun along the way?  These something exceptional about Overlanding the Kangaroo route (London to Sydney). It’s the ultimate overland adventure between two great iconic cities that couldn’t be further away from each other. These so many ways, different route options, but why not pick this Madventure’s option through Europe, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan China, southeast Asia and then onto Darwin and Ayers rock.  

4th Quite to Quite, Trans South America, 217 days, Oasis Overland

  • Departure Dates = 17th Spetember, 17th September 2020 
  • Countries visited = 11
  • Miles Covered = ?
  • Price £7550.00 + Local Payment $3980 = £10,728
  • Price Per Day, with Local Payment = £49.43 
  • Group Size Max 24 

If these one continent you must explore in your lifetime, make sure it’s South America. It has everything from vibrant city’s, cultures, rainforests, exotic wildlife and eye-catching mountain ranges. So why not, go on the biggest tour of the continent? Covering a full circle, seeing all of the countries and highlights the continent has to offer. From spotting jaguars in Pantanal, seeing Machu Picchu, hiking into the amazon, visiting the Christ the redeemer all marvelling at Patagonia’s glaciers. These just so many experiences to be had.

3.Alaska to Brazil 245 days, Madventure

  • Departure dates = 12th June 2020
  • Countries Visited = 19
  • Miles Covered = 17,478
  • Price = £8995 + $3000 = £11,390
  • Price Per Day, with local payment = £46.48
  • Group Size = 20-40 

Follow the Pan American Highway from the Arctic to Antarctica, travelling through the Alaska Wilderness, into the Canadian Rocky’s and then visit a supervolcano in Yellowstone National park, before gaining a head for heights for the Grand Canyon. These to many highlights to name on my dream trip that finishes in the most vibrant city of them all Rio De Janeiro. Don’t think these a more desirable trip on this list than on the world’s longest road.

2.UK to Cairo, 280 days, Oasis Overland

  • Departure Date = 10th November 2019
  • Countries Visited 29
  • Miles Covered (according to google maps) = 17,952 miles
  • Price = £7690.00 + Local Payment $3100.00 = £10.155
  • Price Per Day = £36.26
  • Group Size = Max 24

I consider myself very fortunate that I got to experience a small leg of this spectacular journey. From Nairobi to Cape Town, this took two months, while this mammoth trip spans nine months from Gibraltar to Cairo.  You get to see all of the continent’s highlights from the Sahara Desert to the spectacular Serengeti, to the heights of Cape town’s Tabletop mountain. And these not forget the largest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls.  If you would like further insight into an overland Adventure in Africa with Oasis Overland why not take a look at my trip review of their coast to coast trip Nairobi to Cape Town.

1. Africa Encompassed 309 days Madventure

  • Departure date = 4th November 2019
  • Countries visited 35
  • Miles Covered (according to google map)= 17952 miles
  • Price £7995 + Local Payment = $3500 dollars = Total £10790
  • Price Per Day, with local payment £34.91
  • Group Size 20-40  

Topping up on the list is Madventures truly astronomical trip around Africa. Beating 2nd place by 29 days, the ten-month Gibraltar to Cairo trip takes a similar projection across western Africa, and then onto Cape Town and the southern tip of the continent before heading back up the eastern side of the continent via Zimbabwe, Ethiopia and Kenya. That’s an awful lot of nights camping, and maybe just maybe by the time you get back, Brexit might be over.

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