Photos from a £200 Safari

Photos from a £200 Safari

You don’t have to go on a expensive photography’s safari to get great shots. I paid a mere $300 dollars for my 3 day safari to the Masai Mara from Nairobi. As you can see from the images below just a basic package can produce amazing images.

First Spotting of Elephants on first evening of the Safari

Two Lion cubs playing

Two baby elephants being protected by its mother

Giraffe's Looking out for danger

A hard to see Serval Cat walking along the road with his prey

Two Cheetahs spot a lion in the distance before running off.

The far away lion is relaxing with a female friend

Day 1. From Nairobi, the Masai Mara is a four/five drive, lunch is provided on the way and a brief stopover to view the Great Rift Valley. Upon arrival, I was given my very own tent. Following I experienced my very first Safari, it felt like I was entering Jurassic Park, when passing through the dates. 

Day.2, The All day Safari begun spotting Lions and Cheetahs before sneakily entering Tanzania to spot Zebra. Moving onwards to the famous Mara River that plays centre stage to the great migration. 

Day 3, You get a chance to meet the local Villages before heading back to Nairobi. 

When I booked I used a Safari price comparison site Safari Bookings all Your African Safari. But the tour provider now has its own website 

Baby Hippo swimming in the Mara

Biggest and most loneliest Elephant I have seen in my life

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